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How does a tontine work?

The perfect pension for the 21st century

MyTontine is a web and mobile app that allows you to create your ideal lifetime income pension, giving you a worry-free financial future.

Why MyTontine?
A monthly income for life
Our trust based plans are expected to pay you a monthly income until age 120+.
Your income rises over time
Your monthly income is expected to rise over time to offset inflation.
Dramatically lower fees
Our low 1% annual trustee fees are designed to leave more income for you.
Award-winning transparency
You will be provided with full visibility over the safety and sustainability of your income at all times.
Prudence comes first
Your plan assets are managed by the trustees in accordance with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.

Your data is safe
All personal identities and financial data are secured using advanced cryptography.

Our mission

We want to help everyone enjoy a long and prosperous retirement by creating the only pension that's fit for the modern age.

About us
The world deserves a better pension
Revolutionise the lifetime income pensions industry
Drive new standards of transparency, value, trust and performance in lifetime income plans
Modernise and simplify pensions with technology
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