About us

We are the world's
first RetireTech

We have set the standard for the future of pensions by perfecting the formula for fair, sustainable and affordable lifetime income.

We are TontineTrust

TontineTrust is an award-winning fintech/fiduciary institution building a platform for issuing and operating tontine-style Pan-European Personal Pensions (PEPPs).

We are using distributed ledger technology and automation to create the next-generation lifetime income pension. The pensions are managed through our patent-pending robo-actuary system that guarantees the financial sustainability of the tontines and constantly makes micro-adjusted payout updates based on investment performances and the remaining longevity of the members inside each pool.

By working with consumer advocacy organisations, we are already setting new standards for pension excellence amongst savers by using state-of-the-art technology to enable a simpler, safer, transparent low-fee lifetime income pension.

Our goals

Increase the savings rate at all levels of society
Government pensions are unsustainable, which means that it's more important than ever to help people to start saving as much as they can afford.
Turn savings accounts into lifetime incomes

Nobody wants a retirement stressing about every penny they spend and having inflation constantly eroding their standard of living.

Help retirees take better care of their health

Basic drawdown pensions punish retirees that stay healthy and live longer. That is not what people work all their lives for.